What people are saying...




 “I am amazed at these photos. After dragging my children to studios where we would have to spend hours and my children were melting down by the end of it, this is such a welcomed change. Not only are the pictures you take beautiful, capturing all those special moments, it didn't even feel like we were getting pictures taken. You were so relaxed and you let us be us, while you caught all those moments! You are very talented and we feel blessed that you have shared your gift with us. Thanks Jenni!”



“Lovely.  Lovely.  May Jesus continue to bless you as you bless others.”




“All I can say is, ‘Holy tear-fest!!’  God is good and keeps His promises.  Seeing this site fills my heart with joy as my family was blessed by you!  Snap away!  His presence follows you!”



“I met Jenni at my grandson’s 1st birthday last year and within 5 minutes of meeting her I knew she was a woman of God: a woman of God and an artist.  Jenni is a blessing! A talented, humble, beautiful blessing!  She captured every priceless moment of Isaac’s birthday.  From the décor to the cake smashing, her pictures flawlessly tell the story of our special event.  Jenni is family.”


“My wife is always behind the camera.  Always.  When she mentioned having Jenni capture our son’s birthday I knew she had to be extraordinary; and I was right.  We received remarkable photographs that to this day, almost a year later, still get compliments and bring our family such happiness.  We are so blessed to have met Jenni.”





“Thank you so much for not only sharing in our special day but for the most precious gift - your photography skills.  We’ll remember our wedding day, each special moment because of what you captured.  We can’t thank you enough.”